Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation BMT


Bone marrow transplantation also known as stem cell transplant, involves replacement of a diseased bone marrow with a new healthy bone marrow. The stem cells that are made in the bone marrow will develop into the different types of blood cells in the body. This procedure is an effective treatment option for cancers, especially blood cancers. A stem cell transplant can also be used to treat certain genetic conditions and some noncancerous blood diseases.

Conditions that require bone marrow transplant:

Bone marrow transplants can benefit patients with a variety of bone marrow diseases that are both of both cancerous and noncancerous such as:

  • Blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma.
  • Diseases that affect the production of bone marrow cells, such as aplastic anemia, congenital neutropenia, sickle cell anemia, POEMS syndrome, neuroblastoma.
  • Childhood blood cancers
  • Primary immune deficiency

Types of bone marrow transplants:

There are three types of transplants based on who donates the stem cells:

  1. Autologous: In this transplant, the stem cells are collected from the same person who is undergoing the transplantation i.e., the patient is their own donor.
  2. Allogeneic: In this transplant, the stem cells are collected from another person referred as donor. A donor can be anyone among the family, friend or can even be a matched unrelated person.
  3. Umbilical cord transplant. The stem cells are taken from an umbilical cord of an infant immediately after delivery. These stem cells are then tested, typed, counted and are stored in frozen conditions until required for transplantation.

Kaizen is one of the best centers for bone marrow transplant with a multidisciplinary team that is expert in performing all types of bone marrow transplants and covers all aspects of a healthy bone marrow treatment including Marrow Transplant, Care, Nursing, Blood Bank, Laboratory and all other medical services.

Our highlights:

  • Performs both pediatric and adult blood and marrow transplants
  • Haploidentical and matched unrelated donor transplants
  • Advanced lab facility


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