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Cancer is unique and every cancer patient deserves a world-class patient-centric treatment, which can be obtained in Kaizen. Kaizen believes that every patient has their own journey in the cancer battle and require all the possible support to fight it. The cancer journey is a dynamic one which may change paths based on the behaviour of cancer and our treatment makes it necessary for continuous incorporation of new treatment methods which are both evidence-based and patient-centric.

Kaizen brings the brightest mind together who are committed and dedicated in providing comprehensive cancer care. The philosophy of kaizen aptly applies to cancer care. Its components include:

  1. Teamwork: A multimodality treatment approach is needed to manage cancer. Each type of cancer is different in its behaviour. There is enough scientific data to establish that multimodality treatment is curative in many cancers. It requires a multidisciplinary decision making of each patient involving a surgical, medical and radiation oncologists along with the support of many allied specialities which include pathology, nuclear medicine, radiology, gastroenterology, urology, vascular surgery, pulmonology based on cancer.
  2. Improving morale: Constant psychosocial support to the patient by the involvement of doctors and support staff (nurses, patient relative executives, billing). This makes the management process easy and treatment less painful and more encouraging to the patient.
  3. Quality: Cancer management unlike most diseases requires multidisciplinary management, timely intervention and changing evidence at a faster pace. By sub-specialisation of different cancers, the changing paradigms in cancer treatment are managed by specialists in that subspecialty.
  4. Constant improvement: With changing treatment paradigms and dynamic nature of the disease there is a constant effort to improve the holistic cancer care.

Tumour Board- We bring our expertise together

Starting from diagnosis to treatment planning, and then till follow-up, management of cancer is always a challenging process. Cancer treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach, which involves medical specialists from surgical, medical, and radiation oncology, molecular oncology, pathology, radiology, palliative oncology, onco-psychology, and onco-rehabilitation, etc to ensure the best treatment outcome. 

Usually, in a conventional setting, a cancer patient move from one specialist to another, explains his/her condition, tests performed, and the type of treatment received. This an overwhelming process for patients and their caregivers. Sometimes there is a chance of lack of expertise in handling the case. Also, approaching one specialist at one time doesn’t involve a structured engagement with other specialists to discuss the case in much detail. To, overcome such obstacles, coordinated care is delivered to the patient with a tumour board.

A tumour board is a team of specialized healthcare providers who meet at the hospital regularly to discuss cancer cases and set-up an appropriate treatment plan. The tumour board believes every cancer patient is different and needs a better strategy and treatment plan.

With this approach, the bias towards one modality over the other is removed along with the optimum sequence of treatment to be delivered in case of multimodality management. Treatment decisions by disease-specific experts enable the patient to get the recent evidence-based treatment for particular cancer.

At Kaizen we structured the tumour board into two types:

  1. Disease management group (DMG) tumour board consists of a group of oncologists specialized in specific cancer discuss about the newly registered cancer case and the best possible treatment plan for it. This discussion happens once a week.
  2. The main tumour board occurs twice a week, wherein all the oncologist come together and provide their required inputs for any cancer case.

Tumour board is a great platform to get an accurate diagnosis and provide the best unbiased scientific and personalized treatment for every patient.

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