Second Opinion


Doubts are normal, especially when it comes to something serious as cancer. A cancer diagnosis is not just serious but is a life-changing condition. So, exploring a second opinion is a smarter decision to empower yourself about the condition and current treatment options. A decent consultant will never get offended with a second opinion. Instead, the primary physician may sometimes initiate the process of the second opinion by referring the patient to an expert. According to studies, about one in eight patients is misdiagnosed with cancer.  

Cancer patients have a wide range of emotions and rush into any treatment plan blindly. Mostly, with a new cancer diagnosis, there is always time gap depending on the type and stage of cancer. During this period, the patient can always plan for getting a second opinion.

While consulting a doctor for a second opinion, it is always important to give the exact details of your diagnosis and treatment plan. Also, you can prepare yourself for a second opinion by:

  • Making a note about all the symptoms you experience
  • Making a note of questions you want to ask
  • Accompanying a friend or family member for moral support
  • Taking all the medical documents or records about your condition
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