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Hi, I am Shiva, I am a 22-year-old. Until a few months ago, a was living quite happily with my family and friends. All the trouble started when I began working out in a gym. Over time, I noticed a swelling in my right forearm. It was not troublesome, so I didn't pay much attention to it. Then, this COVID pandemic started, and we moved to our village. There, my grandfather noticed the swelling on my forearm, and he took me to a local registered medical practitioner. I guess he was not much aware of what the swelling was, and he bandaged my arm, but that unfortunately resulted in rashes and itching. Every person had a different advice and remedy to suggest, I even tried herbal medicines, but nothing seemed to help.

Slowly, I started to notice that my fingers were not functioning that well and were weak. I then went to a hospital and got an x-ray done. The X-ray showed that I was suffering from a condition called Ewing's sarcoma. That time, I didn't even know what it meant. Later, I was advised to undergo some tests, we were in and out of hospitals for tests and time seemed to fly by.

I was going through a lot of pain, and was (still am) very scared about what's going on with me. Once, I almost had a near death experience in the MRI room. The MRI machine looked very scary, and was frightened with all the chaos going around me. I was pretty clueless of what was happening, and was uncertain if would make it? Following the MRI, biopsies were performed and still my future was uncertain.

I remember it was my birthday. I woke up to a television ad that spoke of a 7-year-old cancer patient with Ewing’s sarcoma. It really disturbed me to the core. I had random thoughts of my death, but I didn’t want to die. I was so young to die, I had so many things to be done and accomplished. With all these things running in my mind, I rushed to my orthopedic surgeon to get my doubts cleared. The orthopedic specialist assured me about my survival, but I had to undergo amputation, that was a big shocker!

Later, I was referred to Dr. Sudha Sinha who suggested a PET CT scan. When I went for the scan, chills ran down my spine on seeing the PET scan machine. It looked like the same MRI machine and I was very scared, but to my surprise it went well. I had to pass through the machine not once but twice!! Based on my test results, I was advised to undergo chemotherapy. I had heard many rumors about chemotherapy, that it is more painful than the disease itself, and so I was terrified to take chemotherapy. Despite of everything I heard and read on the internet, I prepared myself for this battle. Thanks to Dr. Sudha who gave me a lot of positivity and motivating me to do this.

Although I was skeptical about the treatment initially due to my past experiences with other treatments, the results after the very first cycle were good. I started noticing changes, both in terms of return of function of my fingers, and the side effects. I am now empowered with great courage, now undoubtedly, I feel "I can and I will beat this cancer".

There is another cycle of chemotherapy following which I would be ready for a surgery. With this whole exercise, I've come to understand my true potential and my inner spirit to fight cancer. If I can Do It, I am sure, You can do it too!

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