All the services offered to the patients at Kaizen Hematology-Oncology Network are described under this. These services include self-management support, information about the condition, providing psychological support, symptoms control, giving social support, rehabilitation, palliative care, and bereavement care.

The compassionate support staff and professionals of Supportive Services at Kaizen Oncology Network promise to deliver the care which prevents or eases the symptoms caused by cancer with the only goal to relieve suffering in all aspects of a patient. Supportive care services at kaizen include:

Pain Relief Services: Pain occurs among 75% of patients with advanced cancer. The experience of pain is influenced by physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to ease pain and suffering in cancer patients and their families during their cancer journey. Our team includes a physician and a palliative care nurse practitioner with oncology, which aims to give relief from stress, pain, and other symptoms.

Palliative Care Services: Palliative care is an approach to address the person as a whole, not just their disease. Palliative care depends on the overall needs of the patient to make them feel better. In addition to managing the symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatment, palliative care also focuses on related psychological, social, and spiritual problems. Kaizen aims to improve the quality of life of a patient regardless of their age and stage of the disease. Our team includes specially-trained doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who work to provide extra care and support to the patient.

Cancer Rehabilitation: Cancer rehabilitation deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and improving recovery from cancer. It is usually a program supervised by a doctor for people who have undergone treatment for cancer. The program focuses on the physical, psychological, and cognitive problems caused by cancer therapies. It also aims to support the patient throughout their cancer journey. Cancer rehabilitation services at kaizen include a variety of health care experts, resources, and healing techniques to help you recover physically and emotionally.

Cancer genetic testing and counseling: Genetic testing and counseling services involve evaluation of your family history to help the early diagnosis of cancer. Genetic testing also makes you aware of risks for inherited cancer, as well as screening and management for those at increased risk. Genetic testing also provides a better understanding of the genetic makeup and changes in the genes that are the root cause of cancer. A certified genetic counselor will provide all the necessary and appropriate information that will help you and your family understand your inherited cancer risk. Our genetic counselors are trained to advise you about:

  • Your risk of developing cancers based on your family history
  • The necessity of cancer screening and genetic testing
  • Emotional, psychological, and social consequences of knowing the test results
  • Coping with a cancer diagnosis
  • Treatment options
  • Cancer management and prevention

All in all, Kaizen Oncology Network delivers holistic care by addressing personalized needs as well as healthcare needs with the sole purpose of quality service. The responsibility that is shared among all the employees of Support Care Services at Kaizen Oncology Network gives them immense pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction for their resilient services.

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