At Kaizen Hematology-Oncology Network, we make sure that your blood performs the right functions optimally. If you need a blood disorder treatment care, we precisely know what to do by giving you the right treatment options.

The Hematology Oncology team at Kaizen treats patients with blood disorders, lymphatic system issues, and bone marrow problems.

At Kaizen, our Hematologists treat issues like blood clots (thrombosis), anemia, bleeding problems, blood cancers (hematological malignancies), bone marrow and other disorders that are either present at the time of birth or have developed over time.

Kaizen Hematology-Oncology Networks’ clinicians and researchers are the most comprehensive, unified and integrated team with a sole purpose to discover, investigate and drive innovations in cancer treatment.

We offer advanced prevention and treatment programs with leading-edge clinical trials and innovative therapies for both children and adults. Our cancer experts work together, being a part of a multidisciplinary, disease-oriented team and tailor a customized treatment plan for each patient. We provide the safest conditions for both patients and staff.

Kaizen’s facility offers access to oncology experts with an ambience that caters the special needs of cancer patients and also their families. Our technology offers revolutionary methods of diagnosis, observing and improving all kinds of treatments to cancer care.

Our Oncology specialists work together as a part of the dedicated care team to specific types of cancer, identify them and tailor targeted and customized treatment plans for each patients’ unique needs, and come out with the best possible results.

The nurse and nurse practitioner team too are specialized teams who work with respect and compassion towards every patient’s personal needs.

When to see a Hematologist Oncologist?

Before seeing a Hematology/Oncologist, you will be required to visit a general practice doctor. If the doctor gets the result that you have a health condition pertaining to a blood disorder or cancer, the patient will be referred to the Hematologist/Oncologist.

Conditions that are addressed are listed below

  • Blood cancer management
  • Bleeding health disorders
  • Blood abnormalities that affect patient health
  • Bone marrow transplant care
  • Cancers in remission care
  • Cancer recurrence health screening
  • Cancer or blood disorder symptoms management
  • Familial cancer syndrome medical care
  • Post-transplant medical care
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Individualized care for your unique needs

Kaizen Oncology offers individualized plans based on your specific diagnosis depending on factors like your lifestyle, general health condition and family history. Our team of experts comprise of surgeons, hematologists, radiation oncologists, pain management team and nurses who offer the best in cancer treatment care.

Specialized expertise and latest treatment options

We bring in the latest medical advancement treatment options by performing innovative procedures, robotic surgeries, and special pediatric oncology programs. We are a recognized hub for groundbreaking procedures and research providing you access to the latest inventions and protocols.

At Kaizen Hematology-Oncology Network, our team of passionate oncologists and other involved staff provide utmost care for children, young adults, teenagers who have blood disorders and cancer. We manage the most complex and rare cases of cancer with comprehensive services and support to each and every patient. Our patients have access to all the latest advancements of cancer care, which include clinical trials too.




A type of cancer that leads to cause abnormal white blood cells. Symptoms include

  • Low energy levels
  • Easy bruising
  • Continued or high frequency infections

The preferred treatment for Leukemia is Chemotherapy. The treatment involves using chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. Based on the type of Leukemia you have, you will either receive a single drug or a combination of different drugs. These come in the form of injections or can be pills.

Clotting or bleeding disorders

Bleeding or clotting disorders prevent the ability of your blood to stop bleeding. If you have a scrape or a cut, your blood will either clot very slowly or sometimes does not clot at all. You are also at the high risk of heart attacks and premature strokes.

The treatment process includes medications to help in better clotting or blood transfusion. If you have had sever bleeding, you might be given a blood transfusion to add blood clotting elements in place of the lost blood.

Bone Marrow Disorders

Bone marrow disorders are caused to the stem cells of the bone marrow, a place where blood cells are produced. The general symptoms of Bone marrow disorders are

  • Bruising
  • Exhaustion
  • Infections that don’t come down

Your treatment for Bone Marrow disorders depends on its severity and the kind of disorder you have. Treatment options might include medications, bone marrow transplant or transfusion.


This is a condition when you do not have adequate red blood cells, that carry oxygen to all other parts of the body. Symptoms include

  • Loss of hair
  • Low energy levels
  • Pale colored skin
  • Shortness of breath

The treatment plan for Anemia depends on its severity and cause. Treatment options might include usage of supplements, dietary changes, medications, and sometimes surgery.

If you have severe Iron deficiency Anemia, you may be recommended iron injections, blood transfusion, or IV therapy. The end goal of the treatment is to restore normal red blood cell count, iron and hemoglobin.


This is a condition, when you develop a weak immune system, a condition when your white blood cells cannot defend you against infections. Symptoms include

  • Sweat during nights
  • Fevers
  • Infections don’t heal

Stem cell transplantation is an option that offers permanent cure to many forms of immunodeficiency issues.

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